How to Build an Effective Resume?

Every company has a different nature. Some companies are looking for a resume from the candidates, while others want a CV. Before going through the article, you should know a CV, Resume, and difference between Resume and CV.

How to write an effective CV? And How to build an effective resume? Both questions have almost the same answers. But there are few things that you have to keep in mind to build an effective resume.

Your Resume is usually on one page. In sporadic cases, it exceeds two pages. It should be short and crispy enough to highlight your skills, knowledge, qualification, and experience. You have to precise and concise while presenting yourself.

CV is relatively static, but the Resume is dynamic. It keeps on changing. Efforts should be made in maintaining and developing an updated, accurate resume.

Purpose of a Resume

Simply you can say that Resume is just a self-advertisement. You have to give a summary of your experience on a one-page resume.

The purpose of the resume is to give an overview of the hiring manager. If you have a lot of experience, then highlight only those which are relevant to the job for which you are applying.

If you are a fresh graduate, then list down only those skills which are relevant to the job.

List Your Experience

You have to follow inverse chronological order to list down your experience. If you have a very diversified experience, then highlight those which are relevant to the job.

Professional work experience is regarded, and preference should be given. The name of the company, its location, and dates of employment are essentials in the Resume.

If you have a long list of professional work experience, write only those which are relevant to the current position you are applying for.

Highlight Achievements

You don’t have to write long stories regarding your previous job experience. Just highlight the achievements of your experience. Do concentrate on your accomplishments rather than what you did.

Keep in mind to highlight only those achievements which are matching the criterion which the employer is seeking.

Choose a Resume Style

You must choose one of the resume styles given below.

  • Chronological Resume: reverse chronological order from the most to the least recent job experience.
  • Functional Resume: focus on your skills, abilities, and qualification.
  • Combination Resume: it is a combination of chronological and functional.

Living Document

Just like a human being, a resume is a living document. It needs changes from time to time and from company to company. There is no concept of a standard resume. A conventional resume means a dead resume, that is of no use.

Proofread it Again and Again

Try to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. Proofread it as much as you can. You can also consult your friends, colleagues, and other members of your family regarding the feedback of your Resume.


A resume is like a sale brochure, you have to highlight all the necessary information that your recruiter is in search of.