How to Write an Effective CV?

The world is a Global village now. Because of this, there is too much competition in the job market. Daily, individuals are applying for jobs, and companies are hiring. Every candidate wants himself/herself to be selected by the recruiter.  Every recruiter wants to hire the best candidate, who perfectly matches the skills and knowledge needed by the company.

Every hiring process starts either with the demand of an application or CV from the recruiter.  When an individual drops a CV to the recruiter. The scrutiny process begins, which results in the start of the interview process.

Now stop here, and think if you applied for the job and the recruiter doesn’t bother to call you for an interview. You might have all the skills and knowledge for the vacancy, and you are thinking about why I am not considered for the interview?

This article will answer your question of not considering for the interview. How to write a CV? Or How to write an effective CV? Later is making more sense.

If the CV is not effective, you will be out of the competition without consideration of what skills, knowledge, and education you have. A CV is the most essential part of your professional life. It is the first step towards a career.

If you want your CV should be the last one to consider by the recruiter. And you want to be the topmost candidate to be called for the interview. Then read the following steps carefully if you want to write an effective CV.

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Research the Company

The first and foremost important step is writing an effective CV is to get all the necessary information about the company. Every company has a different nature, and you have searched for the kind of your company.

An accountant has s straight forward CV, but your company is creative than your CV should sound creative. You can only understand the nature of the job if you have a better understanding of the company.

After doing extensive research on the company, you can have a better understanding of the company, job position, and needs. Which obviously will help you in writing an effective CV.

Make Your CV Appealing

Companies don’t have enough time to read your CV thoroughly from start to end. According to Robert William, a recruitment expert, “30 seconds eyeball time”.

Your CV should be built in a way that will attract the recruiter within 30 seconds.  You have to highlight all those skills and knowledge that the job requires.

For writing a killer CV, you have to be precise and concise. High spot those things which recruiter wants to see.

Are You the Solution?

Whenever a company advertises a job vacancy. It means they are in a problem and looking for a candidate to solve the problem.

You have to write a CV in a way that will solve their problem. After seeing your CV, make them say. This is the right candidate we are looking for.

For example, if they are looking for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, then your CV should highlight the skills related to SEO.

Highlight Crucial information

Either you are a fresh graduate or experienced candidate. Your CV should highlight the crucial information that is noticeable.

Unnecessary and extra information will not give you any credit. Companies want information from you regarding education, skills, knowledge, expertise.

Present only that information in your CV that is more appealing to the companies. You have to make sure that the reader won’t miss any of the crucial information.

For Every New Job, Write a New CV

Although most researchers say that CV is static. You only have to update it don’t have to make a lot of changes.

But for every new job, it is better to write a new CV that will be more effective. Adapt the language that will fit the position and company. Because every company has a different nature and culture as well.

Positive Writing

  • What have you done?
  • Where you did it?
  • What can you do for them?

You have to highlight all the positive aspects of your previous job. The name of the company in which you have served. And lastly, present your skills and knowledge that can be productive for the company.

Fresh candidates have present only positive aspects of their skills and knowledge. If experienced candidates have a lot of experience, then try to avoid novel writing. Only highlight those aspects that support the position in which they are applying.

Be Truthful

Often candidates get panic of being rejected by various companies. They start writing false and misleading information in their CV.

That is unacceptable. You always have to write the truth. But this truth should be written appealingly.

 Spelling and Grammar Check

Be a professional and avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. These mistakes leave an awful impression of you, which results in rejections.

Proofread your CV as much as you can.

Order and User Friendly:

While writing your CV, you have to follow a logical order and should be separated by the headings. By doing so, your CV will be more user friendly, and the recruiter can get all the needed information in a glimpse of time.

Order of an effective CV should include:

  • Personal Statement
  • Contact information
  • Education and qualifications
  • Work history and experience
  • Publications (if any)
  • Achievements
  • Relevant Skills and hobbies
  • References (if requested)

Writing Styles does Matter.

Try to formal while writing an effective CV. Don’t use the font that gives an impression of fun. Use a correct official font that is more friendly, readable, and attractive.

Formal writing styles do leave an impact on the recruiter.

 Professional Email Address

Always try to use a professional email address. It is better to have one with your name. One thing more only uses that email address, which is active.

 Professional looking picture:

A study by LinkedIn showed that profiles with a photo receive 14 times more views. So, it is better to have a picture on your profile. The image should not be a selfie.

The image must be formal; most importantly, try to have one with a beautiful smile.

Don’t Give Up

 Last and most important thing. Keep on seeking, search for the best. Sometimes after too many rejection candidates don’t bother about CV and many times, they stop looking for a job.

Life is short, so try to enjoy every aspect of it. The struggle is part of life; you have to do hard work.

So, don’t give up. Keep writing an effective CV.